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Stone Diamond Dry Cutter

Many cutting tools are designed for wet cutting, as water is good for improving cutting speed and extend the service life of saw blade. Dry cutter is designed for occasions where water is not available or desired. It runs on high rotational speed machines and is air cooled.

On this page, we mainly introduce you stone diamond dry cutter which can usually be made into many types, including hand-hold stone dry cutter, table saw, portable masonry saw, bridge cutting saw, and more.

Technical Specifications of Stone Diamond Dry Cutter
Diameter Inner Hole Size (mm) Segment Thickness (mm) Segment Height (mm)
105mm 16/20 1.8 8
110mm 16/20 1.8 6
125mm 25.4/22.23/20 2.2 8
180mm 25.4/22.23/20 2.4 8/10
200mm 25.4/22.23/20 2.6 8/10
230mm 25.4/22.23/20 2.8 8/10

Safety First !
1. Before mounting the saw blade, please make sure the stone diamond dry cutter cannot start. 
2. The arrow direction, which indicates the rotational direction of the blade, marked on the saw blade should be compliant with the spindle rotational direction. 
3. Don't grind the dry cutter, as improper grinding may cause segment damages. 
4. The specification of stone diamond dry cutter should be appropriate for the material to be cut. 
5. Do not tilt the saw blade while cutting. 
6. Do not carry out any curved cuts. 
7. If the saw blade is sparking heavily while using reciprocating cutting method, please stop the cutter and cool it. 
8. Use protective clothing.

Huada is not responsible for any accidents caused by improper operation!

Please use the following when operate the cutting:

  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Anti-slip protection
  • Mouth-muffle
  • Read Instruction Manual
  • Wear gloves

Kind suggestions 
In order to choose an optimum saw blade for a specific type of material, users should know the desired machine power (HP), rotary speed and max. cutting depth. Meanwhile, users have to decide that which type of cutter is wanted: dry cutter or wet cutter.

Huada is a professional stone diamond dry cutter manufacturer based in China. Our company offers a wide range of products that includes quarry wire saw machine, hydraulic stone jack machine, mini wire saw machine, granite polishing abrasives, and much more.

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