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Marble Diamond Blade

HUADA marble diamond blade is designed for trimming and cutting stone slab edges. It is suitable for cutting granite, sandstone, and various other kinds of soft stone material without quartz. This saw blade is characterized by smooth cutting, few cutting chips, long lifespan and reliable performance, and can be used on various hand held cutting saws and bridge cutters.

The marble diamond blade is designed for wet cutting.

Given below are the specifications of the diamond saw blade and segment manufactured for marble and soft stone cutting.

Dia. Segment Dimension L × W × H (mm) Bore diameter (mm) Segment quantity
250mm 40×3.0×8/10 50/60 17
300mm 40×3.0×10/12/15 50/60 21
350mm 40×3.0/3.2×10/12/15 50/60 24/25
400mm 40×3.2/3.4/3.6×10/12/15 50/60 28/29
450mm 40×4.0×10/12/15/20 50/60 32
500mm 40×4.0×10/12/15 50/60 36
550mm 40×4.4×10/12/15 50/60 38
600mm 40×4.6×10/12/15 50/60 42
700mm 40×5.0x10/12/15 50/60 50
800mm 40×5.5x10/12/15 50/60 46

Both silent and none silent marble diamond blades are available! 
The above specifications are provided for your reference only. We can design and manufacture the diamond saw blade according to customers' demands.

As a professional marble diamond blade manufacturer in China, we offer not only stone cutting tool, but also stone grinding and polishing tool, diamond wire saw, and quarry machinery.

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