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Block Marble Diamond Blade

HUADA block marble diamond blade provides an ideal solution for cutting marble blocks, limestone, and all kinds of soft stones without quartz. It is suitable for wet cutting, and sufficient water is necessary. It offers fast cutting speed and reliable performance as well as long service life.

Technical Specifications of Block Marble Diamond Blade
Diameter Segment Dimension (L × W × H) Core Thickness Segment quantity
Length Width (Box Type) Height
900mm 24 6.5/7.0 10/12/15/20 5.0mm 64
1000mm 24 7.0/7.5 10/12/15/20 5.0mm 70
1200mm 24 8.0 10/12/15/20 5.5mm 80
1300mm 24 8.5 10/12 6.0mm 88
1350mm 24 8.5 10/12 6.0mm 88
1400mm 24 9.0 10/12 6.5mm 96
1600mm 24 10.0 10/12 6.5mm 104/108
1800mm 24 10.0 10/12 7.0mm 120
2000mm 24 11.0 10/12 8.0mm 128

The above parameters are provided for clients' reference only. Customized diamond cutting blade is available, upon request.

As a China block marble diamond blade manufacturer, Huada provides a comprehensive range of products, including quarry wire saw machine, marble cutting diamond wire saw, diamond roller, marble gang saw cutting segment, and others.

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