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Granite Diamond Blade (Multi-saw)

The granite diamond blade is mainly used for cutting granite rough blocks and slabs. It features low energy consumption and long service life, and offers high efficiency and smooth cutting edges. The granite diamond saw blade is suitable for wet use only, and sufficient water is necessary during cutting process to ensure reliable performance and long lifespan.

On a four-column combination saw, such as a 1200mm multi-blade cutting saw, 20-30pcs of diamond saw blades with the same diameter are commonly used. This is very popular among international market, especially in Iran market.

On a single-arm cutting machine, 10-20pcs of diamond blades with different diameters but with same segments dimension are commonly used. This is an effective way to improve cutting efficiency and save energy. Typically in China, 5pcs Φ1600mm saw blades and 5pcs Φ1000mm saw blades are commonly used together in a single-arm cutting machine.

Technical Specifications
Diameter (mm) Segment Dimension LxWxH(mm) Segment Quantity on One Blade Blade Quantity on One Machine
900 24x4.5x12/15 50 4
680 24x4.5x12/15 70 4
1300 24x4.5x12/15 88 4
1600 24x4.5x12/15 104 4
900 24×6.8/6.0×12 64 30
1000 24×6.8/6.0×12 70 30
1200 24×7.6/7.0×12 80 30
800 24×75/6.5×12 66 15
1200 24×7.5/6.5×12 80 15
1300 24×8.2/7.8×12 88 30
1600 24×8.2/7.8×12 108 30

The above specifications are provided for your reference only. Customized granite diamond blade is also available upon request.

Please use high frequency Silver Welded machine to make the brazing, and do not use Fire to braze the segment to the saw blank; otherwise the diamond will be damaged and thus the cutting performance of the diamond saw blade will be influenced (reduced)!

Please put 1.0%-1.5% chemical material (Coolant Material) into the water to increase the cutting speed and lifespan of the diamond blade.

As a professional granite diamond blade manufacturer in China, we provide a great variety of products that includes multifunctional rock drilling machine, hydraulic stone jack machine, marble cutting diamond wire saw, concrete diamond segment, and more.

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