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Diamond Satellite Grinding Wheel

The diamond satellite grinding wheel can be used on the resin bonded diamond tools for grinding ceramic tiles.

As the times progress, the technology for polishing ceramic tiles has undergone tremendous changes. Huada staffs are on call and take it as our own duty to satisfy the needs of our customers to adapt to the changing market demands.

Our company has 15 years of cooperative experience with European partners and offers a variety of resin bonded diamond tools which could be applied for the polishing work on various ceramic products to meet your needs.

Huada Company dedicates to the production of high-end resin bonded tool which is compatible with all kinds of polishing and burnishing machines. We could provide the service that is tailored to the needs of each customer.

Diamond Satellite Grinding Wheel
Satellite Tools

Various machines have different connection ways such as Ancora, Terzago, snail lock and Velcro. The satellite grinding wheels of varying diameter size have different connection types. We should choose the right diameter and connection type to maintain its flexibility and hardness.

Code Connection Form Diameter (mm)
DW503 Ancora 150mm
Terzago 100-125-150mm
Snail Lock 125-150mm
Velcro 100-125-150mm
Grits Available #
Code Connection Form Diameter (mm)
DW501 Snail Lock 150mm
Grits Available #
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