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Chamfering and Squaring Resin Tools

Semi-Metal Diamond Tool for Chamfering and Squaring
The chamfering and squaring resin tools can be used on the semi-metal bonded diamond tool.

Now most of baseplate tiles and wall tiles need chamfering and squaring to improve the accuracy and speed of posting the ceramic tiles. At the last stage of polishing line, we use the resin bonded diamond tool to keep the product surface clean, smooth and attractive.

Huada Company provides the grinding tool for finish machining. The grinding tool could be used to process different materials and meet various processing requirements.

In order to meet new production requirements, Huada Company improves new technology. Relying on the perfect production flow, our company has developed the resin bonded diamond tool which features long-term durability and high cutting efficiency to meet your chamfering processing needs. Then your current and future needs will be satisfied.

Chamfering and Squaring Resin Tools 
The follow-up process of polishing line is to adopt the resin bonded diamond tool to make the grinding surface cleaner and smoother. It is a must to chamfer and square in the machining process. Huada tools can work with various models of instruments for processing all kinds of objects.

Huada Company could provide the kit for fitting with different models of machines.

Connection Form Diameter (mm)
ANCORA-BMR-BRETON-SIMEC-SOLTEK 100-125-150-200-250-300-340mm
Grits Available # 1000
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