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Granite Multi-Cutting Wire Saw

This granite multi-cutting wire saw is an ideal solution for getting the different kinds of large granite slabs and it has the following advantages: 
(1) It can be used to produce granite slabs in very short period of time. 
(2) Offers even and smooth slabs 
(3) The multi- cutting wire saw provides an economical granite slab cutting solution with low power consumption and less raw material waste. 
(4) Low operational noise and eco-friendly 
(5) Easy manipulation and low cost

Technical Specifications
Specification (mm) Beads/m Coating Cutting material Liner speed m/s Cutting speed(m²/h) Wire life(m²/m)
7.2/8.5/9.0 37/39 Plastic Plastic+spring Low rigidity granite 22-26 15-20 10-20
Mid-rigidity granite 20-24 10-15 8-15
Hard granite 18-22 5-10 5-10
Abrasive granite 22-26 15-20 9-15

Granite multi-cutting wire saw in other specifications are also available according to customers' requirements.

As a professional granite multi-cutting wire saw manufacturer in China, we offer a great variety of products that includes block marble diamond blade, stone diamond dry cutter, multifunctional rock drilling machine, quarry wire saw machine, and diamond profile wheel, among others.

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