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Diamond Belt Saw Machine

Diamond belt saw realizes high cutting efficiency, smooth sawing and low noise.
The belt arm is made of special materials with high strength and stiffness. They have longer service life.
Diamond belt saw machine supports fine adjustment of cutting to left or right. It is convenient.
Full frequency conversion control realizes a high degree of automation and ensures the best cutting state.
Wired and wireless control systems can be switched by a button. It facilitates on-site operation of diamond belt saw machine and offers optional operating modes.
User-friendly touch screen interface is more convenient to operate.
Simple and reliable tension system is safe to use.
The imported key components ensure quality of diamond belt saw machine.

Diamond belt saw machine is suitable for marble mines or mines with stones that have relatively low hardness.
Diamond belt saw machine is used for vertical cutting of quarry.
Diamond belt saw machine can sort out the big stones that have been cut before according to different sizes of materials.
Diamond belt saw machine is ideal equipment for mechanized mining to work with the diamond wire cutting machine.

  • Quarry stone
  • Separation
  • Sawing
Main motor power 55kw
Main flywheel diameter φ610mm
Kerf width 38mm
Kerf depth Max 4.2m
Water consumption 180L/min
Operating water pressure >0.2 Mpa
Belt arm length 5.1m
Diamond saw belt length 11.4m
Cutting speed 0.4-16 m/s
Machine weight 3800kg
  • Diamond belt saw features high cutting efficiency, smooth sawing and low noise.
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