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Packing & Weight

The following is the approximate weight of some of our products (For reference only; does not include packing).

Regarding packing
We typically pack our products using cartons.
We offer three shipping container choices: carton, crate, and wood.
For air shipment, we recommend carton packaging.
For the air shipment of heavy goods, we recommend the use of crate packing in those countries without a fumigation certificate.
For sea shipment, we recommend big crate packing (fumigation certificate needed) or wood packing (fumigation certificate not required).

The Weight of Diamond Wire Saw

Wire Saw Use Diameter Beads No. per Meter Weight
Granite quarries 11.0mm 40 0.29kgs
11.5mm 40 0.31kgs
Granite block squaring 10.5mm 37 0.26kgs
11.0mm 37 0.28kgs
11.0mm 40 0.29kgs
Granite profiling 8.0MM 37 0.18kgs
8.8MM 37 0.19kgs
Marble quarries 11.0MM 28 0.34kgs
Marble block squaring 10.5MM 33 0.25kgs
Marble profiling 8.8MM 33 0.18kgs

The Weight of Marble Gangsaw Segments

Size Weight
20x5x8mm 0.0066kgs
20x5x10mm 0.0083kgs
20x4.5x8mm 0.0060kgs
20x4.5x10mm 0.0075kgs
20x4x8mm 0.0053kgs
20x4x10mm 0.0066kgs

The Weight of Diamond Abrasives

Length Segment Height Weight
L135/140mm 12mm 1.2kgs
L135/140mm 15mm 1.5kgs
L135/140mm 20mm 2.0kgs
L170mm 12mm 1.5kgs
L170mm 15mm 1.9kgs
L170mm 20mm 2.5kgs

The Weight of Saw Blades

Weight of Saw Blade from DIA.150mm -> DIA.600mm (Segment Height: 10mm)
DIAMETER Saw Blank Weight Segment Weight Total Net weight
105mm (4")

115mm (4.5")

125mm (5")

180mm (7")

200mm (8")

230mm (9")

250mm (10") 0.85kgs 0.15kgs 1.00kgs
300mm (12") 1.10kgs 0.20kgs 1.30kgs
350mm (14") 1.60kgs 0.25kgs 1.85kgs
400mm (16") 2.50kgs 0.35kgs 2.85kgs
450mm (18") 3.20kgs 0.43kgs 3.63kgs
500mm (20") 4.70kgs 0.50kgs 5.20kgs
600mm (24") 7.00kgs 0.66kgs 7.66kgs